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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage involves various techniques used to treat problems related to muscles and bones, to reduce pain in the joints, but also to facilitate movements.

Therapeutic massage involves various methodologies. These include area massage, rubbing, repetitive muscle movement, application of various therapies, warming ointment, bone movement, etc. Its main purpose is to improve local circulation, body awakening and heat production.

Once theabove have been achieved, muscle pains can be significantly reduced. It is worth noting that therapeutic massage in many cases may be slightly painful as it may be required to be intense.

The most common reasons for therapeutic massage are:

• cold sores in the muscles, cooling, air currents
• very tight muscles
• reduction of muscle pain
• arthritis and “salts” in their bones and their connections
• blood circulation improvement
• injuries treatment (blows, fractures, broken bones)
• as a method of physiotherapy