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Thai Massage

It is one of the oldest methods of traditional Thai medicine. Thai massage has many benefits for the receiver. With gentle pressure on energy lines it relaxes the entire body. This level of relaxation improves the emotional state of the receiver. It has been proven that deep relaxation is helping effectively restore the right night sleep. Thai helps reducing stress and enhances flexibility

Thai benefits:

• Circulatory system: improves blood circulation, reduces heart rhythm, increases the temperature of the area, increases lymph circulation, reduces swelling
• Musculoskeletal system: improves muscle strength and efficacy, relieves muscle tension, removes toxins from muscle mass, relaxes tendons and enhances elasticity, increases joint mobility and flexibility, and reduces rigidity
• Neural system: tones and improves nerve and sensory activity with the effects of pain reduction, enhancing skin sensation and improving neural function. Thai massage offers above all the good health of internal organs such as stomach, intestines, etc.
• Respiratory system: improves the depth of breathing and relaxation
• Digestive system: increases digestive elasticity and stomach movement, prevents indigestion and relieves from its symptoms.