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The bathtub with hot water is not a recent discovery. Many ancient civilizations used this kind of relaxation. The ancient bathtubs were basins filled with hot water, heated by volcanic lava or stones, and were part of social gatherings.

Jacuzzi is much more than a luxury. When someone is in a Jacuzzi for a long time he enjoys a number of benefits for both, the soul and the body. Sit back and relax in Jacuzzi pool, and water waves with a whirlpool will offer relaxation to all of your body parts.

What are the benefits of Jacuzzi for our health?

• Jacuzzi increases blood circulation to the limbs and more
• It relieves the muscles from the stress caused by exercise and hard work
• Achieves muscle relaxation
• Stimulates body metabolism
• Contributes to toxins removal from the body
• Helps treating rheumatic diseases and injuries
In addition jacuzzi:

• Contributes to fight cellulite and local fat
• Delivers vitality and glow to the tired skin
• Dissolves the skin pores giving the opportunity for Deep Cleansing
Jacuzzi, however, also benefits our mental health:

• Creating a sense of well-being and relaxation
• Reducing drastically and directly stress and anxiety intensity
• Effectively dealing with insomnia and over-stress