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Hamam is the Eastern version of the steam bath and is considered the wet version of the sauna. Hamam played a key role in the culture of the Eastern countries and Greece, as they were places for meetings, purification and architectural beauty. The wet version of the sauna is not just a steam room, but a unique way of neuro-muscular relaxation, beneficial to the skin and mood.

What are the benefits of hamam for our health?

• The hamam environment causes sweating, resulting toxins elimination
• Helps in skin pores deep cleansing
• Relaxes and calms tired muscles, releases from tension and relieves from stress and mental fatigue
• Increases the metabolism rate

In addition, hamam:

• Increases the rate of blood flow, helping your heart always be in good shape
• Encourages the release of natural painkillers in the body
• It positively affects the immune system and increases the body’s resistance to certain diseases
• Temporary relief from arthritic pain is observed.